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Unfortunately, there are quite a few types of boundary disputes that may arise between neighbors, homeowners, and even strangers. Boundary issues are often complicated and frustrating, which is why consulting an experienced real estate lawyer is crucial to securing a favorable outcome. Attorney John L. Davis is familiar with Washington boundary disputes and will ensure your rights are protected.

Possession Disputes

In certain circumstances a trespasser who resides on your property for an extended period of time may legally be allowed to claim ownership. This is referred to as adverse possession, or “squatter’s rights.” It often happens unintentionally, either through outdated or missing deeds and/or confusion about where property lines lie. That said, sometimes it is very much intentional and those cases can be even messier.

To prove a trespasser has claimed your property unlawfully, you must demonstrate the following:

  • Hostility: The trespasser had ill-intentions and/or knew that the property didn’t belong to them when they occupied it.
  • Actuality: It must be easily proven that the trespasser did or does, indeed, reside on the property.
  • Open & Notorious: It must have been clear to neighbors or passersby that the trespasser was residing on your property.
  • Exclusive & Continuous: The trespasser occupied your property for an extended amount of time without leaving or sharing the property with the rightful owner.

Boundary Fences

Disputes can also arise when it comes to erecting walls or fences that delineate properties. For example, if you want to build a bordering fence, is it your responsibility to maintain its integrity, even if that means trespassing on your neighbor’s property in order to do so? These are the kinds of questions that lead to boundary fence disputes.

Right to Farm Laws

Right to Farm laws serve to protect agricultural interests while respecting property owners’ rights to privacy, noise control, and environmental safety. Examples of Right to Farm law disputes include noisy machinery, dust clouds caused by equipment, and/or offensive odors.

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