Aggressive Easement Disputes Lawyer Fighting for Vancouver Families’ Rights

An easement allows a person to use part or all of another’s property for a specific purpose. A good example of this involves a homeowner and a communications company, wherein an easement would allow the communications company to run its cables beneath the homeowner’s property. Typically, these agreements are long-standing, and it’s true that many homeowners are unaware that they even exist. When disputes arise, however, the skilled legal team at John L. Davis PLLC can help.

What You Need to Know About Easements

  • Sometimes they are in writing, but many times they are not.
  • Easements do not transfer with ownership — i.e. a new homeowner moves into the home, but the easement with the cable company remains intact.
  • Easements and easement disputes are typically handled by insurance companies and real estate lawyers.
  • Necessary Easements: These types of easements guarantee a homeowner’s right to access their home. For example, if someone has to to cross your yard to get into their house, this is a necessary and unspoken easement.

When Disputes Arise

Because of the nature of these agreements, and the fact that they tend to be long-standing, it simply makes sense to hire an experienced real estate attorney to help you resolve your easement dispute. Tracking down deeds, interpreting their meaning, and contacting the right parties is both confusing and overwhelming. John L. Davis PLLC is here to sift through the mire and get you the outcome you deserve.

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