Thorough Title Issues & Ownership Disputes Attorney Representing Vancouver Clients

Perhaps the most complicated and frustrating aspects of transferring property are dealing with title issues and ownership disputes. It is not uncommon to be moving quickly along the real estate process and then be forced to stop and resolve a problem of this nature. John L. Davis PLLC has extensive experience working within these parameters and is eager to help you clear this obstacle and continue on in your real estate endeavor.

Title Issues

The oft-forgotten truth of real estate is that every property has a history, even if it is brand new to you. The current owners of a property may not even be aware of the legal or financial complications surrounding their home. Common title issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Unforeseen Liens: A lien may be placed on a property if previous owners failed to pay their property taxes or mortgage payments. If you purchase a home with a lien, you assume responsibility for those debts.
  • Clerical Errors: A simple mistake in a public record can cause major problems relative to titles and deeds and can be very costly to resolve.
  • Illegal Deeds: There are many factors that can render a deed invalid, including tax form mistakes, undocumented immigrant or minor status, being deemed mentally incapacitated, and more. A previous owner may not even be aware that they do not hold a legal claim to the property’s deed.
  • Undiscovered Encumbrances: Sometimes a party has a partial claim to property that is unknown at the time of the sale, such as restrictions or covenants limiting the use of your property.

Ownership Disputes

There are also a plethora of situations that can manifest and jeopardize your ownership of a property you have legally purchased. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Missing Beneficiaries: When someone’s will leaves a property to a beneficiary who cannot be located, the bank or state may sell the property after a certain amount of time. If this beneficiary comes to claim their inheritance after you’ve purchased the property, your ownership may be terminated.
  • Undiscovered Wills: Similar to what happens with missing beneficiaries, the discovery of a will that directs what should happen to your property could invalidate your claim to it.

Your Partner in the Madness

Any one of the situations outlined above can send someone into a panic. After all, you’ve invested a large amount of money, time, and resources into obtaining and maintaining your property. Before you tear your hair out or flee the country, contact attorney John L. Davis. He is highly experienced in the area of real estate law and spent a decade as a realtor before becoming a lawyer. He will calmly explain what’s happening and fight tirelessly on your behalf to claim property to which you are entitled.

John L. Davis PLLC represents clients who are experiencing frustrating title issues and ownership disputes. Contact our Vancouver office today at (360) 597-4740 and let us help you resolve the legal matter at hand and move forward.