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3 Essential Questions to Ask a Real Estate Attorney in Washington State

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When you are purchasing or selling residential or commercial real estate, you may not think to enlist the services of a real estate attorney. While Washington state does not require sellers or buyers to retain an attorney to complete the transaction, doing so carries several benefits. Your real estate lawyer can review all complex documents, help you navigate title issues, property line or easement issues, and any other matters to ensure that your transaction moves forward smoothly and favorably. As you look for a real estate attorney who can best represent your needs and interests, here are some key questions to ask potential candidates to get a sense of how they would approach your real estate matter.

1. How Long Have You Been a Real Estate Attorney?

If this is your first real estate transaction, you should consider working with an experienced real estate attorney who has handled real estate matters for years. A more seasoned attorney will know what issues to look for, spot potential problems, and advocate for your best interests. When you meet with a potential real estate lawyer, ask about their experience handling transactions similar to yours. How do they approach this type of real estate matter? What are their primary goals? It’s helpful to get a sense of their track record to determine whether you can entrust them with your real estate matter.

2. How Would You Approach This Real Estate Matter?

Feel free to ask a potential candidate how they would approach your real estate issue. While they may not go into detail until you decide to retain their services, you can still ask them about the general approach they take to real estate transactions, easement issues, or other real estate matters. Their response should give you a good idea of their strategy and timeline for resolving this matter. In addition to the words they use, consider their tone and nonverbal communication as well—do they inspire confidence? You should be able to trust them with this matter and feel secure that they will help you obtain your desired outcome.

3. What is Your Preferred Communication Method?

As you determine whether to move forward with a real estate attorney, make sure you understand how they will communicate with you and how often this will occur. Some attorneys prefer calls to email, while others enjoy video conferencing. Ask the attorney how long it may take to return your call or email so you can adjust your expectations accordingly. Make sure your communication preferences are compatible with the attorney’s preferences, as this will ensure a smoother working relationship moving forward.


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