Protecting Vancouver Business Owners & Their Financial Interests

Entity Formation

In addition to helping our clients with a wide array of business law transactions, we also help them create new business entities such as S-corporations, C-corporations, LLCs, PCs and others. We can advise you as to what model will best protect you against personal liability and other expenses associated with doing business in the state of Washington. Get your new enterprise off on the right foot by scheduling an appointment with John L. Davis, your friendly and knowledgeable Vancouver business law attorney.


Sales & Acquisitions

Most business owners dream of one day selling their business and enjoying retirement. Other people choose to invest in a well-established business as opposed to creating a start-up. Additionally, it is exceedingly common for disparate businesses to merge. Whatever stage in the lifecycle of your career, we can help you secure your desired professional outcomes and do so in such a way that you get the best possible version of the deal. Don’t sign anything without consulting with an experienced business law attorney or you could face the financial repercussions for the rest of your life.


Contract Drafting & Disputes

It goes without saying that business owners regularly become parties to legally binding contracts. When these contracts are ambiguous, incomplete or fail to comply with local, state and/or federal law, they can be expensive and time-consuming to address. The drafting of employment contracts, shareholders’ agreements, non-compete contracts, or intellectual property contracts is something best undertaken in partnership with a competent business lawyer.


Collections & Business Litigation

It is an unsavory fact of life that some people or entities just don’t pay their bills. Not getting paid for services rendered or merchandise sold hurts your bottom line and creates a hassle that must be addressed. Beyond missing invoices, there are many situations in which you may need to file or defend a civil lawsuit throughout the course of doing business. Breaches of contract, unfulfilled services, partnership disagreements, and other common yet unpleasant business gaffes often result in litigation. If we are unable to resolve your problem through informal means, we will not shy away from representing you in court.


Professional u0026 Compassionate Representation

When you hire Mr. Davis as your family law attorney, you’ll receive help filing the documents related to your case in a thorough, timely manner. We are committed to helping you obtain the results you desire, and we’ll go to bat for you during any hearings or other necessary court appearances. We’ve assisted Washington families with a wide range of domestic relations issues, including uncontested and contested divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, and property division.

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