Strategic Sales & Acquisitions Attorney Serving Vancouver Business Owners

Most successful Washington businesses will change ownership hands at some point or another. All business sales, acquisitions, and mergers require careful planning and sharp negotiations in order to process properly. John L. Davis PLLC helps our valued business law clients strategize the most prudent manner in which to buy or sell companies.

Business Sales

If you are looking to sell your business, you will benefit greatly from retaining a competent business law attorney as early in the sale process as possible. We can ensure that the business is properly valued and that any offers are acceptable to you. We can help you provide all necessary legal documentation regarding the entity and examine any terms submitted to you. In short, we will ensure that you are being fairly compensated and that you are not financially harmed through the sale of your business.

Business Acquisitions

People considering acquiring an existing business need to be very careful before they assume responsibility for the entity or else find themselves entangled in a corporate mess that significantly differs from what they were expecting. Before you agree to any acquisition terms or provide payment, you should absolutely consult with an attorney who can thoroughly evaluate the terms of the deal. It is our job to ensure that you understand the terms to which you are agreeing and will be personally protected if things go south.

Protecting Your Assets & Interests

Though the sale or acquisition of a business is a thrilling thought, you can find yourself in a world of legal and financial trouble if handled incorrectly. As your attorney, Mr. Davis will actively protect your investments. We will fetter out any inconsistencies or problems within the purchase or sale terms and make sure they are addressed before it’s too late. Don’t subject yourself or your family to professional liability — contact our firm today.

John L. Davis PLLC confidently counsels business owners on matters regarding professional sales and acquisitions. Contact our Vancouver office today at (360) 597-4740 to schedule a consultation to discuss your assets and goals.