Skilled Divorce Attorney Proudly Assisting Vancouver Clients With Spousal Support Negotiations & Modifications

There are many issues to address and negotiate before a final divorce agreement is made. For instance, a spousal support arrangement (also known as alimony) may be discussed and eventually woven into the divorce settlement. There are also times when an existing spousal support order needs to be changed, and an experienced attorney can help you navigate the modifications process. Whatever your spousal support issue may be, John L. Davis PLLC is committed to helping you successfully resolve the matter.

Negotiating Spousal Support in Washington

As separating couples go through the divorce process, the issue of spousal support will likely come up. Typically, the spouse who earned more money over the course of the marriage may be required to make payments to the lower-earning spouse for a specified amount of time. These spousal support payments are intended to ease the transition of the lower-earning spouse as they adjust to their new financial reality. If you need help making sure that the spousal support agreement is equitable for you, contact John L. Davis PLLC to work with someone who will look out for your best interests.

Addressing Spousal Support Modifications

If you and your former spouse already have an alimony agreement in place and one or both of you needs to change its terms, the modification process can easily become just as contentious as your divorce proceedings were. This is why you need a trusted and aggressive family law modifications attorney representing you as you file your petition and head to mediation and the courtroom. John L. Davis PLLC is committed to ensuring that you receive a fair and favorable outcome, so reach out today.

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