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Purchase & Sale Agreements

First-time home buyers or sellers may wonder why working with a realtor isn’t sufficient when it comes to finalizing their transaction. The unfortunate reality is that realtors have an interest in making sure that closings are finalized, even if that comes at the expense of their clients. For example, if there are outstanding concerns related to your real estate transaction, your realtor may choose not to mention them in order to receive their commission. Even the most well-intentioned realtor is in no position to provide legal advice — in fact, it’s illegal for them to do so.


Title Issues & Ownership Disputes

It is an unfortunate fact that real estate transactions often hit tedious snags when it comes time to locate and transfer property titles and deeds. It is also possible that multiple parties may claim ownership over a property. You may have invested a good deal of time and energy in negotiating a sale or purchase before coming to a frustrating standstill. We’ve seen this occur many times over and are here for you if this happens to you or your business.


Boundary Disputes

There are few things more frustrating than arguing with your neighbors about whose property is whose. Missing or outdated deeds, zoning permits, and other factors can result in boundary disputes that are unnecessarily drawn-out and emotionally draining. John L. Davis will help you make sense of the mess and ensure your property rights are respected.


Easement Disputes

We all have to work together in the interest of building healthy communities. It is in this spirit that easements exist at all, allowing private property owners and public works entities to share resources and land. When disputes of this nature arise, they can quickly become contentious and costly. John L. Davis has the real estate and legal experience needed to protect your interests in the event of an easement dispute.


Construction Disputes

Construction projects often involve multiple parties and contracts, leaving many opportunities for disputes to arise. At John L. Davis PLLC, we understand the complexities surrounding building and construction projects. We’re committed to helping our clients protect their best interests and resolve their disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Professional Compassionate Representation

When you hire Mr. Davis as your family law attorney, you’ll receive help filing the documents related to your case in a thorough, timely manner. We are committed to helping you obtain the results you desire, and we’ll go to bat for you during any hearings or other necessary court appearances. We’ve assisted Washington families with a wide range of domestic relations issues, including uncontested and contested divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, and property division.

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