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Business Contract Essentials for Washington State Companies

By August 20, 2021 No Comments

Running a business in Washington state typically requires building relationships with employees, vendors, banks, insurers, consultants, and customers. As you grow your business, it’s essential that you put clear and solid contracts in place to protect the health of your business. Poorly written or overly general contracts can put you and your business at risk of legal headaches, disputes, and even litigation. Here are some simple tips for establishing effective business contracts to keep the future bright.

Avoid Free Online Contract Tools

A simple web search will lead you to hundreds of websites promising “free” business contracts. While these may seem tempting, these websites often use overly generic templates that don’t actually afford you quality legal protection. You may assume that any business contract will work, but the content of the contract matters. Should a dispute arise, you may find it nearly impossible to enforce the vague terms included in the contract that leaves too much room for interpretation. Instead, work with a trusted Vancouver business attorney who can provide customized contracts to fully protect you and your business.

Include Plans for Dispute Resolution

It may not feel intuitive to devote a portion of your business contracts to determine how and where you’ll resolve potential legal disputes. However, by clearly delineating how the disputing parties will approach conflict resolution, you’ll have a roadmap to consult should a dispute arise. Many businesses decide to participate in mediation before heading to litigation, as they may be able to cut down on costs by negotiating a resolution on their own terms. In general, the more specific you can be in your dispute resolution plans before the need arises, the more prepared you will be to navigate the process in the future.

Enlist the Guidance of an Experienced Vancouver Business Attorney

As a business owner, you want to do what you can to enjoy sustainable growth and continued success. Don’t cut corners when it comes to business contracts; instead, have a knowledgeable business lawyer look over your existing contracts and revise them as needed. You can rest easier knowing that your contracts have your best interests at heart and will minimize the potential for legal trouble in the future. Reach out to a trusted Vancouver business lawyer today to get started.


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