Does Adultery Have a Place in Washington Divorce Cases?

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Washington is one of many states that has adopted a “no-fault” divorce system. What this means is that any couple can file for divorce for any — or no— reason at all. Before the advent of no-fault divorces, one spouse had to prove that their spouse did something that legally violated the terms of their marital contract. One of these violations was the act of adultery. So, does adultery still play a role in Washington state divorces? Let’s dig in.

Judges Discourage Divorce Explanations

Because Washington is a no-fault state, most judges really, truly are not interested in hearing the reasons why you and your spouse may be divorcing. In fact, most will refuse to listen to any airing of dirty laundry in the courtroom. It’s best to stick to the pertinent details and resist the urge to discuss your grievances about your marriage on the record.

Adultery & Divorce

Even if a spouse admits to committing adultery, Washington courts are not allowed to let this factor into their decisions regarding custody and alimony. In fact, they are beholden to making judgments “without regard to misconduct.” This is good news for those who get caught cheating, but it can be frustrating to the cheated-upon spouse to see their assets divided evenly. Alas, no-fault divorces are vital for eliminating any remaining societal stigma regarding divorce and have made the entire process much smoother.

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