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Marijuana Arrests After Large Vancouver Area Raid

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Marijuana Arrests After Large Vancouver Area Raid

Last month, four men were arrested after police raided multiple properties in Clark County. Although recreational marijuana remains legal in the state of Washington since law changes in 2012, the state has struggled to rein in an ongoing black market. As part of this effort, state troopers and the Vancouver Police Department confiscated over 900 marijuana plants and 50 pounds of marijuana from properties associated with the 4 men, according to The Columbian.

Charges for Black Market Marijuana Operations

The four men face charges of possessing and manufacturing marijuana. Two of the men did not meet the requirements for intent to distribute, while a third did: he had allegedly been selling pot on the street. The men were found with substantial grow operations at a number of properties associated with them, including their residences. One of the men admitted to investigators that he planned to distribute the marijuana, while another said he was giving it to friends and family.

Vancouver Criminal Defense Attorney Services

There are a few lessons to be taken from this case: The first is that, if you are charged with a crime, do not under any circumstances admit guilt to police or investigators—no matter what law enforcement officers tell you or how trivial the charges may seem. In fact, you should not tell law enforcement anything besides the required identifying information. After that point, politely decline to answer any questions until you have a lawyer.

The second takeaway is that marijuana offenses are still taken very seriously by law enforcement. If you are charged with a controlled substance violation, you need to talk toa n experienced criminal defense attorney right away. John L. Davis, PLLC has been serving Vancouver and Clark County since 2003. He can help you develop the best defense for your case so you can protect your future. Call (360) 597-4740 today to speak to a criminal defense lawyer you can count on.