At John L. Davis PLLC, we understand the emotional challenges involved in child support issues. It’s important for both parents, whether they are paying or receiving child support, to understand the length of these payments and exactly when they will end. 

Child support in Washington State is designed with the child’s best interests in mind. The money they receive gives them financial support for their basic needs and well-being. The payments usually last until the child reaches the age of 18, but there are some circumstances where support might extend beyond that age.

Factors Influencing the Length of Child Support Payments:

Factors Determining the Amount of Child Support

Several factors determine how much child support one parent might need to pay to the other. The first factor is the income of both parents. The court looks at how much money each parent earns, including salaries, wages, bonuses, and investments. If a parent is unemployed or underemployed, the court may consider their potential earning capacity instead of their actual income. The idea is to distribute the financial responsibility fairly based on what each parent can afford. 

Another factor is the child’s needs, which include basic necessities like food, clothing, and shelter. It also includes more complicated costs like education, health care, and any special needs the child may have. The more a child needs financially, the higher the child support will be.

Modifying a Child Support Agreement 

Situations in life change constantly, and the child support arrangement might need to change as well. In Washington State, either parent can request a review or modification of the child support agreement. This is usually done when there’s a big change in either parent’s income, the needs of the child become more complex, or the paying parent has additional children.

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