In the complex world of business law, the contracts that your company drafts are the agreements that define its future. They ensure prompt delivery of your product, safeguard your employees, and cover every other aspect of business formation that your company will need to grow. 

Contract disputes, however, are detrimental to your plans. They’re caused by unclear wording, a lack of attention to detail, or erroneous assumptions made by you or your business partners. Regardless of the reason, contract disputes can cost you both time and money, and they can strain business relationships that you’ll need to thrive. 

This article will discuss contract disputes and focus on the common pitfalls that small businesses may encounter. Our goal is to offer methods of resolution for these disputes and explain how a business law attorney can prevent them in the future. If you have a small business or a large company in Washington State, call the contract drafting and disputes specialists at John L. Davis PLLC. 

The Challenge of Unclear Contract Terms

A common problem in business law is unclear terms in a contract. This can cause misunderstandings about what each party is supposed to do, which leads to disputes and disagreements between partners. For example, if a small business makes a deal with a new supplier but doesn’t specify when a product must be delivered, any delivery delay can become a complicated dispute. If terms aren’t laid out clearly, or some aspects are left to interpretation, your business and professional relationships may suffer. 

That’s why it’s so important to draft contracts carefully with an experienced Vancouver, WA, business law attorney by your side. We can make the language clear and binding for both parties and eliminate the possibility of disputes in the future. If unforeseen disagreements do arise, we can even include instructions on how to resolve them quickly and amicably. 

Navigating Commercial Leases and Non-Compete Agreements

Commercial leases and non-compete agreements are another area where disputes are common. Small businesses often find themselves in disagreements over lease terms or facing challenges related to non-compete clauses. 

A non-compete clause is intended to restrict a former employee’s ability to work in a similar field. They’re used to ensure that your hours of training are not simply absorbed by a rival company that can afford to pay your employee more money. Without an airtight contract, your proprietary information remains unprotected, and you face an uphill legal battle trying to hold the responsible party accountable. 

Similarly, your business might lease a property under terms that become unsustainable over time, leading to disputes over your responsibilities and obligations to the landlord. Without clear contracts anticipating these disputes, you’ll have no legal defense for terminating your lease under certain conditions. And your business may suffer from a lease that no longer meets your needs. 

Call Business Attorney John L. Davis PLLC for Contract Disputes and Negotiations 

Contract disputes are a reality of the business world, but with the right legal expertise, they don’t need to cost you time and money. If you need help dealing with ambiguous contract terms, navigating commercial leases, or handling non-compete clauses, contact our Vancouver office at (360) 597-4740.

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