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Why You Should Work With an Attorney When Facing a Boundary Dispute in Washington State

By October 21, 2020 No Comments

As a property owner in Southwest Washington, there are a number of legal issues that may arise over time. Disputes regarding boundary lines are common, and these arguments can quickly become heated and complex. Real estate laws are notoriously detailed and technical, so it’s essential that you work with a knowledgeable attorney to ensure that you achieve a favorable outcome. 

Common Types of Boundary Disputes

When you purchase real estate, you should be made aware of the boundaries of your property. County tax maps typically display the exact borders of each property. However, new construction or add-ons may complicate matters, as would natural changes to the landscape, such as a newly formed lake or erosion. Property owners may encounter inconsistent or conflicting legal descriptions of their properties, calling the exact boundary lines into question. Disputes can also arise over misunderstandings or miscommunications, especially if one owner thinks he’s building a fence on his land, but his neighbor believes this fence is actually on her property. As soon as a dispute arises, it’s best to seek immediate legal counsel to prevent the disagreement from becoming more heated and costly.

How a Real Estate Attorney Can Help

When you and another property owner find yourselves in disagreement, seek legal assistance right away. Boundary disputes can escalate quickly and, in some cases, lead to altercations. When you meet with your lawyer, discuss the issue you are facing and be prepared to provide any number of important documents, such as the deed to your property, insurance information, surveys of the property, or other relevant information. In most cases, your attorney will attempt to negotiate a resolution to this dispute to spare you and your neighbor the stress and cost of litigation.

When Property Disputes Require Litigation

Sometimes, boundary disputes cannot be resolved through mediation or negotiation. If the matter winds up in litigation, the judge will have the ultimate authority to determine the outcome. Whether you are asking the judge to determine that your neighbor is continuously trespassing on your property or you’re requesting that the judge clarify which party owns the property in question, you’ll need reliable and effective legal representation during the legal process to ensure that you obtain your desired outcome.


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